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. there is conflicting information it released. one congresswoman is calling for the resignation of u.s. ambassador susan rice while others continue to criticize her over her initial statement abouts the attack on the consulate in benghazi wasn't being a spontaneous up rising over an anti pmuslim video. >> what she said is total ignorance of facts on the ground. five days later. five days went by. we have reports intelligence knew within 24-hours it was a terrorist attack. they sent her out to say things that were absolutely false and continues to do so which is again real liter as i say willful ignorance or abysmal lack of knowledge of the facts. >> the obama administration claims the facts are still being gathered in the initial report of the attack information was not clear enough that it was a terrorist attack. >>> information was rived at determinations were made that was shared with the american people. the focus needs to be how do we make sure our facilities and ambassadors are secure going forth. >> the president called it an act of terror the day after it happened. when you are the responsibilit
to step down. the u.s. says it will slech gate the attack. >> mitt romney taking a debate he officiated the coin toss between members of his staff and the media. >> don't worry about injuries, guys. >> physical whoa! >> final score of 14-14 tie. those are your 5@5 headlines. >> very fitting much like the polls almost all tied up. >> now it's time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. maria starting to feel a whole lot like fall outside. >> good morning patti ann and heather. we are talking about temperatures that are right where the they should be this time of year just like they should be like in october and fall. the carolinas into florida. 43 in raleigh and 2k50egs in new york city. i want to head west ward. we are talking about temperatures well above average not feeling like fall across kansas city 75 over dallas and san antonio. we head too the afternoon hours they should be anywhere between 10-15 degrees above average for some of you. really feeling the warmth. out east a beautiful day. high pressure dominating. light of sunshine pektsed later on today. i don't t
they have the right to hear what happened to the man and whether the u.s. constitution applies at gitmo. all five of the terrorists are expected to attend in person. despite it being closed to the public relatives who lost loved ones can watch the trials at u.s. military sites. >>> now to an extreme weather alert, severe thunderstorms in chicago prompting tornado warnings through out the city. >> you can certainly hear the vines going off in the background. wind gusts clocking in at 50 miles per hour. take a look at this. it's time lapsed video. it shows the storm as it rolls right through one neighborhood. that is spectacular looking. fortunately no reports of major damage or any injuries. >>> a california man head to do the 49ers game with a group of friend was stabbed outside of candle stick park. >> an altercation happened and pulled out a knife and actually was going for my girlfriend and her boyfriend jumped in the way and they stabbed him in the abdomen. >> police say the group was approached by two men that got into an argument and one of the attackers allegedly pulled out a knife an
. >> it is considered the mother of all economic reports how fast or slow the u.s. economy grows is gross domestic product or gdp it is from the july to september period. economists expect a pace of 1.9 percent growth that number will be revised a few times. the u.s. is growing and growing faster than the prior 1.3 percent case. it is hardly fast enough to create jobs and down from the end of last year when at the 4th quarter we were at more than 4 percent. >> one number that is growing fast the price of college. 151 colleges now cost 50,000 dollars a year or more for fees, tuition, room and board. the most expensive sara lawrence, nyu, columbia, wesleyan and claremont mckenna all topping 58,000 dollars a year. >> that includes room and board. maybe if you commute you can do a little better but not good. >> a jeep considering the move to china? >> chrysler wants to build jeeps in china. it's a huge market. why wouldn't they? the question is will they still make them here in the united states. the answer is yes. in a blog post he says moving all production to china is difficult for even circus acro
industry. u.s. mind safety and health administration wants miners and mine operators cold weather brings to mind. low humidity and low barometric pressures in under ground coal mines have been major factors in explosions. the freezing and falling of high walls and surface means. road closures have been an issue. roads have been closed and open through out the state as workers fight to stay ahead of that heavy snowfall ladies. >> fox news meteorologist maria molina has been all over this thing since the very beginning. how is the weather looking in that area and others. >> good morning. good to see you. i have some good news the blizzard warning has been allowed to expire within the last hour or so. we are seeing the wind dying down but the snow is still coming down across portions of west virginia and accumulations have already exceeded 2 feet of snow not just in west virginia but in states like virginia, north carolina, portions of tennessee dealing with a lot of heavy snow. we will bring you those shortly. sandy is looking a lot more disorganized stat kerred showers areas of heavier ra
in the heart of new york city. >> anita vogel voins joins us we lathes. >> he came to the u.s. in january on a student visa specifically to carry out a terror attack. the fbi says when he got here he claimed he had al qaeda connections. what he didn't know is one of the people he contacted on-line was an under cover agent, the same one who supplied him with 2050 pound bag -- 20 50 bound pags of what he believed were explosives. he drove to the federal reserve building ready to wreak havoc. when he tried to set it off with his cell phone nothing happened. that's when they grabbed him. >> i call it aspirational when you go and pick up 50 20 pound bags of ammonium nitrate you obtain a truck and bring it to the site of a major if i hfeder facility and you try to detonate it that goes way past it to me. >> he was living with relatives in queens also recorded a video addressed to americans before he tried to detonate the bomb. in it he is heard saying we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyrdom. according to the federal complaint the 21-year-old also threaten to do kill a high ranking
. the plane carrying 125 people ult hatly handed safely. >> a month after a u.s. ambassador was killed in libya a new ambassador was named. he represents our country in absence of an am das dorr. he is the former ambassador to chad and was associate director of counter servism. he steps in for chris stevens who was killed in an attack at p benghazi. >> it was not a disruption. the defense lawyer for major nadal hassan. this happening inside an appeals court yesterday as they argued hassan to be allowed to keep that beavered. they claim an army judge over stepped his authority in ordering him to shave off the beard or be force pli shaved. he put all court proceedings on hold. hassan says making him shave it off violates his religious rights. >> this in the newsroom for the space shuttle endeavor. leaving the hangar at lax to the new home of the california science center. endeavor will be traveling at a ways of two-miles per hour. it will be making two stops that will last more than 6 hours to raise power lines. it is expected to reach the museum tomorrow night. >> don't you want to see
. they have scaled back oniri s hee sndgs y npm e tm. >>> the u.s. is suing wells far go. >> the government is suing wells far go accusing the nation's biggest lender of reckless lending for nearly a decade. the u.s. is seeg hdred o tar tdrsn ge yealone. >>> the latest victim of a cyber attack. >> possible terror link. many had problems with the bank te yesterday. that was a day after a hacker t a islam film that aired last month. it would target suntrust today, regens financial tomorrow it won't stop until that video is emoved from the int >> interpr: 10tur tsa just busted bags without even checking for bombing. we 4r6 a shocking report coming up. >>> the air bag in yourar might be bogus, what you need to e non age 3.81 a gallon. good morning it's now 14 minutes after the hor. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. another report aboutaureat ensoreneal holunational airport preetedly failed to check bags for explosives before putting those bags on a flight. more than 30 workers have been fired so far. >>> a new safet warning for wla sme ieo have had airag lar years. the p
all the day ♪ ♪ hah >> welcome back. this morning the u.s. canada border crossing from blaine washington remains closed following the shooting of a female canadian border agent. american man driving into canada shot her in the neck while she was in her boots. he died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. >> making history but not in a good way. for the first time the $15 billion borrowing limit from the u.s. treasury. they must rely on revenue. in june they were facing a $5.2 billion loss. >>> we are getting reaction from you the voters from last night's presidential debate. frank luntz talking to a focus group of undecided voters. here's their reaction. >> how many voted for barack obama in 2008 raise your hand. a whole lot of these people. how many are staying with barack obama in 2012. how many switched and are now supporting mitt romney in 2012. raise your hand if you are romney people. sean we had a remarkable change here. i want to know what made you vote for romney tonight? >> forceful presidential. >> confident and realistic. >> presidential. >> presidential and enthusia
to the hearing two hours late wearing a camouflage u.s. military vest. >> a cia agent and mefrn soldier were killed in another insider attack in began mentd it haled saturday the soldier is a 24-year-old pretty gorton gordon. a manhunt now underway in colorado for whom ever is responsible for killing five people inside a restaurant. police believe the person killed them and then set the bar and grill on fire. the owner of the bar was among those killed. the 5 victims were the only ones inside at the time. they are asking any one with information to come forward. >> the deadly meningitis outbreak the death toll has rinz to 19. 200 others are sick. as many as 14,000 people were exposed to the drug as well as the two other drugs made by the same company that are potentially linked to the outbreak. the house handle has combi enthem a mt. to turn over documents relate to do the pharmacy that produced the drugs. >> cardinal dolan heading to syria. he is part of a have aed candle gages being sent by pope benedict xvi. syrians suffering through the civil war. the have aed can's cardinal bar tone say
u.s. in benghazi under attack. svu, sensitive but unclassified. it goes on quote proximate patly 20 armed people fired shots. explosions have been heard as well. ambassador stevens currently in benghazi and four personnel are in the compound safe haven. the next e-mail 50 minutes later update number one u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi svu the firing has stopped and the compound has been cleared. a response team on-site is attempting to locate personnel. and this third e-mail. 6:07 p.m. eastern time on 9-11. it says the group claims responsibility -- the subject line is update number 2 al suria claims responsibility. the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. the state department designated him as an al qaeda affiliated group trying to set up in eastern libya. this story just began breaking late last night. so far today no comment from the white house or state department yet as to why obama administration officials were calling this a spontaneous reaction to an internet video for weeks afterward. back to you in new york.
. >>> the u.s. is suing wells far go. >> the government is suing wells far go accusing the nation's biggest lender of reckless lending for nearly a decade. the u.s. is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. the suit is the largest this year alone. >>> the latest victim of a cyber attack. >> possible terror link. many had problems with the bank site yesterday. that was a day after a hacker group claiming to be with an islamic terror organization issued a threat in retaliation of the anti islam film that aired last month. it would target suntrust today, regens financial tomorrow it won't stop until that video is removed from the int >> interpr n -- internet. >>> 10 after the hour. tsa just busted bags without even checking for bombing. we 4r6 a shocking report coming up. >>> the air bag in your car might be bogus, what you need to know before you hit the road this morning. the national average 3.81 a gallon. good morning it's now 14 minutes after the hour. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. another report about failures at the tsa. the inspector general rev
for withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan. governor romney committed the president on the killing of osama bin laden. the two men have sharp disagreement on his vision for america. now it is time for them for the next few weeks to return to the campaign trail to urge voters to make their choice on election day. >>> thank you. the intense moments didn't just end with what you saw with kelly wright. there were jabs zingers and heated exchanges. >> the presidential candidates hitting all of the issues including iraq, afghanistan and the most talked about issue right now the attack on our consulate in libya. >> with respect to libya as i indicated in the last debate, when we received that phone call, i immediately made sure that number one we did everything we could to secure those americans who were still in harm's way. number two we would investigate exactly what happened number three most importantly we would go after those who killed americans and we would bring them to justice. that's exactly what we are going to do. >> we have to put in place a very comprehensive and robust strategy to help
pleas were denied by the u.s. government. they sent a letter to hillary clinton demanding answers. they are also hearing next week. jason will be joining fox and friends today at 8:50. you will want to hear that one. it is time for the first degree weather update from maria molina who has a look at this. >> looking good at the part of the eastern see board a little on the muggy side we are dealing with fog across the area because we have a storm system that is a slow mover continuing to push eastward are lingering showers. that's what we are going to be talking about across the entire eastern sea board. 75 over raleigh 63 over new york city. otherwise you can see lingering some drizzle out across up state new york down into parts of pennsylvania. we are going to continue to see the showers and storms through out the day today across portions of the northeast parts of the carolinas down to the state of florida. a lot heavier if you head southbound into the state of florida. quiet out over the plains. if you start across the northern rockies we have a strong system dipping on down.
want to expand in the u.s. a new report says they would spy and commit other cybercrimes. they both have close ties to china's government. they deny any intention of spying. >>> the space tech dragon blasting off cape canaveral. headed to the international space station. take a look at this right here. it is bringing science equipment up here but more importantly is chocolate swirl ice cream for the iss crew. second launch of a dragon ship by the company space x. that is your 5@5:00. >>> we are now fewer than 30-days away from the presidential election. both president obama and mitt romney pulling out all of the stops. >> a few hours from now mitt romney will deliver a major foreign policy speech. doug is live with more. >> good morning guys. good to see you all. it is the home stretch all signs of this race is really tightening up. the swing state advantage the president had early last week has now evaporated largely after romney's strong de late last week. his weekend crowds were among the largest of the campaign rallies today. >> i am not convinced you will have a chance to hear
elections. >> is the u.s. involvement in syria escalating? they are sending 150 troops to the jordan syrian border it is to help boost the military capability if the violence spreads. they may use chemical weapons or they may get their hands on them. they are not ruling in or out. >> the massachusetts senate race could determine which party controls the u.s. senate one of the big issues they are talking about, taxes. >> asking billionaires to pay at least the rates their securities pay senator browne went with the millionaires not the secretaries. >> i am not going to be raising taxes on any one in massachusetts or any one in the united states. we are in a fiscal and financial emergency. >> brown also saying he would reveal obama care. >> hotel rooms turn into makeshift blood france fusion centers pills wrapped with foil a stunning report from anti doping agency says winning and doping went hand in hand from lance armstrong. 26 people testified against him including 11 teammates. armstrong's attorney calls the report a one-sided hatchet job. >> i think what people generally need to remember
to push into the central u.s. and even the northeast this week. you can see the temperature change over the last 24-hours 22 degree difference in minneapolis. a change is a coming, ladies. get that winter gear out. >> janice, thank you so much. >> now to stories you can bank on this morning. disturbing data on the labor front. hours before the lease of september jobs numbers. bad news on layoffs. >> yes. we got a report yesterday employers announced nearly 34,000 planned job cuts last month. that was up 5 percent from august. it comes from the job consultant challenger crisman. we are firing fewer workers. planned cuts were 70 percent fewer than this time last year. the bad news is in this point in an economic cycle we need to hire more workers and clearly we are not. >> hard to find a positive swinn on that one. >> credit delinquencies are at a 6 year low. >> we are doing our job paying bills on time. bank card debt fell, to an 11-year low. we are getting better paying ow bills. >> lay aways are a big deal now oo poo >>> if you wanted fur bees toys r us selling out on popular toys. par
. benjamin netanyahu has urged the u.s. to draw a red line to make sure iran doesn't build a nuclear weapon. >> california gas prices rising to a new high record. the average hitting $4.67 yesterday. the national average is $3.81. a whole lot are selling gas for a lot higher prices. like this one in san diego selling for almost $6 as gallon for premium gasoline. california senator demanding a federal investigation into whether or not gas companies are illegally coordinating this hike in prices. by the way $0.67 of every gallon of gasoline in california goes to state and federal taxes that's among the highest in the nation. he will put his life on the line as he attempts a world record jump. he will sky dive from a capsule 33 miles above the planet's surface. he will smash through the sound barrier on the way top speed 690 miles an hour. for an idea of how high this is. consider mt. everest rises 29,000 feet. commercial jets cruise around at 39,000 feet. this guy will be jumping from 120,000 feet. >> really? >> yup. >> that's your 5@5:00. >>> couple minutes after the hour we are exactly 4 we
. the gun running program put weapons into the hands of mexican cartels and killed u.s. border patrol agent brian perry. holder refused to comply. it does not allow the courts to resolve a political issue between the executive branch and congress. >>> did you know your tax dollars are paying for men us on mars? the eye opening waste book. that is a list of 100 expenses that are costing us nearly $19 billion. the book shows that nasa spends about 1 million a year on the mars menu even though there are no plans for a manned flight to mars or certainly a restaurant there. taxpayers are subsidizing free cell phone service for nearly 60 million americans at a cost of 1.5 billion a year. coburn is joining fox and friends later on and will talk about the new waist book. >> the cia tried to huntal can i down by finding him a bride. true according to a danish newspaper. they hired an al qaeda double agent for 250,000 dollars to set the terrorist up with a 32-year-old. both would have been killed in an american drone strike. instead awlaki told her to get rid of her secretly bugged suitcase thus spoi
for your 5@5. top five stories making news for you at this hour. the beard must go. a u.s. army filpeels court ruli in favor that accused fort hood nadal hassan's beard can be forcibly shaved. he grew the beard for religious reasons. his attorney plans to appeal the decision. >> you got to step in front of me as i was shining soe -- sign soldiers in. >> yelled allah akbar. >> victims sent the letters to secretary of defense leon pineda. >> attorneys for the parents of trayvon martin will have to have george zimmerman's medical reports released. the attorneys want access to the murdered teenager's school records and social media accounts. zimmerman is accused of killing the teen in february. he pleaded not glty saying he acted in sech defense. >> do you think they are tricking seniors into buy the election. darrel issa thinks so. in a few hours he will issue a subpoena over obama care documents. ice saw sa issa says there's a $8 billion program to hide cuts in medicare. >> the amazing thing about this is it's useful. give somebody a row of numbers when you say how did you come to a concl
the attack what did the u.s. military do to respond to the atta attack as soon as we found out. questi we still don't know. >>> these e-mails heigighlighti the response by the obama administration. >> that's what sean hannity is talking about. raising serious concerns about the time line of the event. >> they are in the situation room. if it makes it to the white house situation room the white house knew. >> they knew everything that was going on in spite of what their claims are. they knew it was terrorist related. does that mean on the night of september 11th the president of the united states went to bed knowing that the first ambassador in 30 years and other americans were killed or under fire then he goes and takes off to vegas, is that possible that all happened? and they were available to retaliate? >> that is exactly what we need to find out. he needs to answer the question what did you know when you went to bed that night? did you go to bed while this attack was still ongoing? >> charles krauthammer also talking about libya offering his take about what thow the administration res
could determine which party controls the u.s. senate. republican senator scott brown and democrat elizabeth warren trade blows in their second debate for the massachusetts senate seat. warren once again facing the heat for becoming a native american. >> i have never used native american to get into college or law school or not to get hired in any job. >> senator brown making an appeal to all voters. >>> i don't work for anybody. i work for the people of massachusetts. that's what being an independent is all about. a good idea is a good idea regardless of where it comes from. that is evidenced my voting record and being named the least pardoned senator in the united states senate. >> it shows warren with 49 percent of the vote and brown with 45 percent. that's within a margin of error. if you have peanut butter in your cabinet it is 101 products after salmonella was link to do trader joe's peanut butter. 31 people have been sick in 19 states. no deaths have been reported. some of the brand names here they are included in the recall archer farms, earth balance, fresh and easy, late
. irene brought in $4.3 billion in damage last year. it was one of the top ten costliest u.s. returns in history. the insurance adjusters are already on the scene they could go in as early as wednesday and write checks on the spot for policyholders>> wall street some of the banks are heclosed today. >> they are closed today and likely tomorrow. electronic trading late last night much of lower manhattan has already been evacuated. they are operating on a work at home basis. heather? >> here is something of major concern we have seen gas prices dip recently but they could be on their way up. that's because refineries could be shut down. >> 6 northeast oil refineries could be affected they have 6.2 million of barrels a day. october 1st the official month in the 2013 model year. if some of the car dearlies shut down they may not be unloading the vehicles. >> keep our fishings crossed on gas prices and insurance issues as well. >> lauren thank you so much. >> good to see you. quick look at headlines. he was the prime suspect. ainsley take it away from here. >> he was the prime suspect in t
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)